The spirit of the new Gypsies

When I recently stumbled upon Iain Mckell’s book ‘The New Gypsies’ I was instantly charmed by the whimsical beauty and sense of freedom captured in his photographs. This new culture of free spirited gypsies and their elaborately decorated horse-drawn caravans captured my imagination and I simply had to share these beautiful images with you.

This renegade tribe of new age travellers come from our culture rather than from true gypsy blood, but have chosen to live with the freedom of the open road rather than living within the ideals of our western Capitalist society. Interestingly though, they juxtapose their nomadic, bohemian way of life with certain modern trappings such as mobile phones, internet and facebook!

And of course a post about Iain Mckell’s New Gypsies wouldn’t be complete without including the enchanting photos from V Magazine’s fashion shoot, taken by Mckell with model Kate Moss in 2009. Although she could easily pass as a fellow traveller, don’t be deceived, the styling is actually made up of high-end designer labels including John Galliano, Kenzo and Dsquared²…..a world away from the humble wardrobes of the real gypsies!

Moroccan Silver Touareg Jewellery

This gorgeous collection of Moroccan silver jewellery, unique to The Stellar Boutique, brings you one-off boho pieces of great beauty and traditional craftsmanship.
This unique boho range of hand crafted silver jewellery is a colourful mix of rings and necklaces with stunning turquoise and other vivid semi precious stones. The collection stylishly brings together contemporary & tribal jewellery with authentic Moroccan Berber and Touareg design .


Touareg are the indiginous Moroccan Berber people with a traditionally nomadic lifestyle.

Touareg jewellery is mysterious, exquisite and intricately-designed. Each item is individually hand-crafted, etched with Touareg geometrical designs, using the traditional tools of the blacksmith. The designs have been passed down through generations and tell tales of Touareg life.

View the new collection here

More Vintage bags to brighten up your winter

In store now, The Stellar Boutique’s new vintage bag collection. For a fraction of the usual price tag you’ve

come to expect from an eye catching and original bag, shop vintage and own something you can be sure

no one else will have…. and keep the price a secret too!

No stone has been left unturned, we have sourced unique vintage bags from all around the world and all eras too.

From Peruvian embroidered blanket bags to 70s secretary handbags there’s something for all with an eye for the unusual.

We also have a lovely range of 80s studded bucket bags, 60s Moroccan Berber bags, kitsch 60s beaded tassel bags and

50s jelly basket bags. So whatever era is your style were sure to have a bag that suites your wardrobe.

Pinch of Sparkle – Vintage BOOM

From second hand tat, to stylish couture- vintage fashion is everywhere. And with the rise in online sales it’s no wonder that online vintage boutiques are doing well. But why NOW has vintage moved online? And will it stay there?

As I browsed the many online vintage sites I came across The Stellar boutique, ( with its easy, accessible layout and models showcasing the products I had finally found the vintage experience I had once been dreading. I scrolled through pictures, decades, starting with the 70s my favourite era! And after half an hour of browsing I noticed my basket had three items in it. Item number one a pair of 70s sunglasses, item number two an Aztec beach bag from the 60s and item number three a 50s compact mirror that gave me a flashback to my childhood. My nana had a mirror exactly like it, which she would use to put her red lipstick on.

I loved this new vintage experience so much I rang my friend Lucy to thank her, the only thing she had to say was “I told you so” and as much as I hated it she was right. Finally, a way for people like me to avoid the musty smell, the vicious blondes and the rails and rails of stale clothing.

SPACE GIRL – Fashion Through the Decades

VINTAGE SHOPPING in my city is quite difficult, because there aren’t any outlets, except one store (that I have been too a dozen times!) and flea markets, but they start at 5 in the morning, so I am not too enthusiastic about them. Last week I randomly discovered this amazing online shop called The Stellar Boutique. They are offering contemporary collections by designers from all over the world; artsy pieces for your home – and a lot of vintage pieces – which are listed by decades.
Being very inspired, I created these collages while listening to Blondie’s Slow Motion.
Which decade is your favourite?

lifeaccordingtolea – Expanding my Horizons Part 2

June 3, 2012

So another week another website y’all should check out. This time it’s The Stellar Boutique which sells a wide variety of gorgeous ladieswear, menswear and home goodies as well as vintage wares.

Up-and-coming designers and one-off pieces mean this website is a whole galaxy away from generic high street stores but surprisingly their items are well priced and good quality.

I especially love the Norwegian Wood jewelery– the fringed necklaces would add impact to any outfit.

Grlfashionista’s Blog

Adorable and Fun. Two words that describe the vintage that is The Stellar Boutique. “The Stellar Boutique was created out of a love for all things original and authentic.” It provides its customers with not only unique vintage clothing and accessories, but also with both vintage and new home goods. And while I find the home goods charming, I definitely tend to stray towards the vintage clothing and accessories which she has so expertly separated into decades for me! Her strength: Vintage bags. If you are in the market for a great vintage bag, then you should definitely check Stellar out. Especially if you love leather, fringe and studs! Which I definitely do! Another thing I love about Stellar: The Rings. Huge, beautiful chunks of stone in silver just begging to be bought! It’s seriously hard to resist! Check out more about Stellar here.


…..with this amazing vintage ring from the new vintage jewelry collection at The Stellar Boutique… too bad it would be too small for the finger I want to wear it on! It is perfect for summer with just the right amount of turquoise and ornate goodness…. tear.