More Vintage bags to brighten up your winter

In store now, The Stellar Boutique’s new vintage bag collection. For a fraction of the usual price tag you’ve

come to expect from an eye catching and original bag, shop vintage and own something you can be sure

no one else will have…. and keep the price a secret too!

No stone has been left unturned, we have sourced unique vintage bags from all around the world and all eras too.

From Peruvian embroidered blanket bags to 70s secretary handbags there’s something for all with an eye for the unusual.

We also have a lovely range of 80s studded bucket bags, 60s Moroccan Berber bags, kitsch 60s beaded tassel bags and

50s jelly basket bags. So whatever era is your style were sure to have a bag that suites your wardrobe.


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