Vintage, tat and bric-a-brac

Routing round old relics is possibly one of my favourite past times, whether at a car boot, flea market, jumble sale or charity shop, nothing beats the thrill of finding that one little gem.
So I treated myself to a trip into Barcelona at the weekend to have a good old rummage round a couple of Flea markets and get my treasure hunt fix.
Choosing to skip the sales and the madding crowd on Las Ramblas in favour of some real hustle and bustle, I headed straight for Encants Flea market, a favourite haunt of mine when I lived in the city.

As flea markets go, this is one of the best. With the usual ratio of junk to riches, the buzzing hubbub of scallys and loud, proud market traders and with a melting pot of cultures and nationalities it never gets boring!

The real allure of a flea market has to be the total randomness of things on sale. The eclectic mix of tatty old chairs aside ornate lamps, antique pocket watches tangled with vintage pearls, strange abstract paintings thrown in with 1950s photograghs and guilded tea sets next to battered toy cars and shabby, harrowed looking dolls, means there is a visual treat at every corner!

That’s why you simply can’t go with a shopping list! You never know what your going to find, yet, when you (inevitably) come across that one amazing piece that you simply can’t live without it’s as if fate stepped in and put it there especially for you. The buzz you get from taking home an antiquity destined for oblivion and giving it a whole new lease of life is what gets you hooked.

Later that afternoon I headed off to Flea market no. 2 in search of more vintage treats. This one had a different feel to the last one, less chaotic with a more chilled, hippie vibe and set in a peaceful courtyard. It was more like a carboot sale (minus the cars) with individual sellers ridding themselves of unwanted clutter after having had a good clear out at home! Perfect for finding unique vintage clothing as well as more modern and trendy pieces.  Pioneered by a group of young, bohemian Brits – ‘United Jumble’ – living in Barca, their aim is to unite jumble sales around the world promoting the idea of recycling our unwanted goods and cutting down on consumption, I’m with them all the way!  Visit their blog  ( ) for info on jumble sales and fleamarkets happening in your city.

Needless to say I drove home with a boot load of goodies and a huge smile on my face having picked up some great vintage clothes, vintage jewellery, vintage bags and other bits and bobs to add to the collection!

Here’s a sneak preview of some pieces soon to be added to The Stellar Boutique