Summer Accessories Collection 2013

Time to stock up on your summer accessories!

Some new additions have been added to our summer accessories collection and are now available to buy from The Stellar Boutique.
Specialising, as usual, in all things vintage, retro and boho we now have some great sunglasses, jewellery and bags brand new in store.

Whether it’s for that fast-approaching festival, a summer holiday or those everyday summer occasions, The Stellar Boutique
is here to help you prepare.

We have some lovely round-framed, 60s style sunglasses in a selection of colours and patterns. Such a classic design is a must-have
this summer, not to mention the additional ‘cool factor’ due to the instant association with John Lennon. If round frames aren’t your thing
we also have a selection of butterfly-framed sunnies complete with multi-coloured 80s design and some gorgeous can’t-go-wrong wayfarers
in a variety of colours. All complete with 100% UV protection, banishing that summer squint in style.

Also fresh in-store, a selection of vintage-style, boho and tribal jewellery to complete your summer wardrobe this year. Ranging from long,
flowing boho-style feather and pendant necklaces to the chunkier Aztec pieces, we have some brilliant and interesting new items.
Make a statement with our beautiful body necklace and tribal style bracelet-and-ring combinations.

Finally, to carry around those summer essentials (whilst looking the part too!), check out our new bags and rucksacks.
We have a great take on the classic satchel, using elements from the Aztec design (which is just about everywhere in the fashion world right now)
and combining it with the neon colour scheme of the 80s. As well as looking original and standing out, this is a great practical bag which can be
dressed up or down. If you are of a more casual persuasion, we have two new rucksacks available, perfect for festivals and summer adventures.
A gorgeously embroidered thick cotton-feel rucksack to complete that tribal style outfit or a stonewash soft denim rucksack for that retro 80s influence,
the choice is yours!


Vintage Scarf Collection arrives!!

A fabulous collection of vintage scarves from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s have just arrived in store.
Such a versatile accessory, they can be worn round your head, round your neck, as a top or simply
round your waist to give your outfit that boho vibe. However you choose to wear it, you can be sure
there’ll be a gorgeous vintage scarf to suit your style here at The Stellar Boutique!

Scarves with their sumptious feel and vibrant colours can definitely provide the “wow factor”.

The history of the scarf dates back at least as far as ancient Rome. The ancient Romans developed the scarf into a diverse men’s fashion accessory, whether knotted to a belt or worn around the neck. Of course, this style was quickly adopted by women also, and the scarf has since become synonymous with women’s fashion.

Recently the scarf has experienced something of a revival, once again becoming a must-have item by women around the world. Head scarves and wraps grow ever popular with celebrities and convey elegance and sophistication.

Scarves have the advantage of flexibility in how they’re worn – around the neck, tied at the wrist, around the strap of a handbag or simply tucked into a belt for that hint of relaxed boho style.

The future of scarves looks bright and these fashion items now represent a huge opportunity for an exciting use of colours and patterns.

Check out this video for some quick ideas on different ways to tie a scarf around your neck:

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

For a guide on how to achieve that seemingly effortless (but sometimes tricky!) 1940’s vintage headscarf, take a look at this:

How to Tie a Headscarf



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