New Indian Boho Bag Collection

For the ultimate in bohemian chic and the best way to add some instant glam to your outfit,
these boho bags are just what you need! Beautifully handmade in India to the highest quality, this fabulous collection of gorgeous, authentic bags are made from genuine vintage Indian embroidery and embellished with vintage coins, bells, mirrors and tassels. Choose from leather clutch coin bags, brightly embroidered handbags and envelope clutches that even double up as a fancy Ipad holder! These little beauties are all one-of-a-kind so there’s no time to waist! Treat yourself or someone you love with a beautifully original gift this Christmas.
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A snoop inside The Stellar Boutique HQ

If you’re anything like me, having a nose behind the scenes and a peek into other peoples lives is somewhat of a guilty pleasure! So I decided to ‘open the doors’ into the heart of The Stellar Boutique and give you, my loyal customers, a perusal round the epicenter of the online fashion shop.

To call it simply ‘an office’ would be a slight injustice. Not just a stockroom, this little space of mine (converted from an old cow barn in my garden) provides me with the perfect place of focus and inspiration. A trove of vintage treasures and fashion finds, this little den is my ultimate ‘girl-cave’!

Welcome to where it all happens……








No day at the office would be complete without some four-legged friends for company!!


Domestic Sluttery blog


The UK’s best online vintage fashion shops

I’m possibly at my happiest when searching through a rail of vintage dresses. However, I get frustrated by how poor vintage shopping online can be: too many bad pictures, too many items badly labelled. Over years of searching, I’ve around 15 different boutiques I come back to time and time again. Want to experiment with vintage? Trust me: try these shops first.
The Stellar Boutique has something of a bohemian edge. The photographs of its vintage stock – dating from the 1940s through to the 1990s – are a lesson in how to make vintage look contemporary. I love the colours of this 50s shirt dress: I’d quite like her yellow converse and basket too.



Big thanks to Domestic Sluttery blog for your glowing review

OPEL WREN blog post

opel wrenopel wren 1As you all know I love online shopping and am happy to waste away hours searching for the perfect items on eBay, but  when searching for the perfect fringed jacket recently, I came across ‘The Stellar Boutique‘, it was a real find as the online shop is filled with vintage treasures and genuine Moroccan accessories. I fell in love with every single one of the bags and couldn’t stop myself mentally designing a new flat filled with treasure from their home section.

opel wren boho-bag-2014-Collage-1000x-700x766

I checked out the about me section of the website and was fascinated to hear more about Stellas life, so I got in contact with her and wanted to share this amazing woman with you guys. The shop was created by owner Stella as an outlet to showcase designers and artists from around the world, she is pretty much living the dream, living in a hippy farm house in the Spanish countryside with in her own words ‘a menagerie of dogs, cats, goats, sheep and chickens’.
After graduating from University for the Creative Arts with a degree in fashion design in 2000, Stella went on to design for Topshop in London; assisted at the Times newspaper’s fashion department; worked in visual merchandising for Levi Strauss and Marks & Spencer; and spent time as a stylist both independently and for the BBC. With such a huge range of experience under her belt, she was able to successfully launch her own label in 2002 which was sold in Topshop, Oxford Street amongst others. She spent 3 years on her stall in Portobello Market, selling hand picked vintage to the likes of Stella McCartney and Kate Moss, being able to count Kate Moss as one of your regulars is a huge achievement and something I am very jealous of!
She has spent the last 10 years working in the fashion industry and travelling the globe collecting treasure which has provided the inspiration for The Stellar Boutique, I love this idea because I am such a hoarder I love to pick up bits and pieces whilst away in the hope that one day I could use them. I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces from the website, you can the website out here and I hope you like what you see as much as I did!
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opel wren edh
Big thanks to Sophie at Opel Wren blog for this fabulous post!

Summer Accessories Collection 2013

Time to stock up on your summer accessories!

Some new additions have been added to our summer accessories collection and are now available to buy from The Stellar Boutique.
Specialising, as usual, in all things vintage, retro and boho we now have some great sunglasses, jewellery and bags brand new in store.

Whether it’s for that fast-approaching festival, a summer holiday or those everyday summer occasions, The Stellar Boutique
is here to help you prepare.

We have some lovely round-framed, 60s style sunglasses in a selection of colours and patterns. Such a classic design is a must-have
this summer, not to mention the additional ‘cool factor’ due to the instant association with John Lennon. If round frames aren’t your thing
we also have a selection of butterfly-framed sunnies complete with multi-coloured 80s design and some gorgeous can’t-go-wrong wayfarers
in a variety of colours. All complete with 100% UV protection, banishing that summer squint in style.

Also fresh in-store, a selection of vintage-style, boho and tribal jewellery to complete your summer wardrobe this year. Ranging from long,
flowing boho-style feather and pendant necklaces to the chunkier Aztec pieces, we have some brilliant and interesting new items.
Make a statement with our beautiful body necklace and tribal style bracelet-and-ring combinations.

Finally, to carry around those summer essentials (whilst looking the part too!), check out our new bags and rucksacks.
We have a great take on the classic satchel, using elements from the Aztec design (which is just about everywhere in the fashion world right now)
and combining it with the neon colour scheme of the 80s. As well as looking original and standing out, this is a great practical bag which can be
dressed up or down. If you are of a more casual persuasion, we have two new rucksacks available, perfect for festivals and summer adventures.
A gorgeously embroidered thick cotton-feel rucksack to complete that tribal style outfit or a stonewash soft denim rucksack for that retro 80s influence,
the choice is yours!


More Vintage bags to brighten up your winter

In store now, The Stellar Boutique’s new vintage bag collection. For a fraction of the usual price tag you’ve

come to expect from an eye catching and original bag, shop vintage and own something you can be sure

no one else will have…. and keep the price a secret too!

No stone has been left unturned, we have sourced unique vintage bags from all around the world and all eras too.

From Peruvian embroidered blanket bags to 70s secretary handbags there’s something for all with an eye for the unusual.

We also have a lovely range of 80s studded bucket bags, 60s Moroccan Berber bags, kitsch 60s beaded tassel bags and

50s jelly basket bags. So whatever era is your style were sure to have a bag that suites your wardrobe.

New Vintage Jewellery & Accessories Collection

The vintage jewellery collection is home to an assortment of pieces from the 1940s right through to the 80s, this charming and quirky selection of vintage jewellery will add a touch of fun or glamour to your favourite look. With 40s and 50s rhinestone brooches, 60s hippie rings, 70s pendants and 80s vintage gems at affordable prices, you don’t have to be Elizabeth Taylor or Kate Moss to adorn yourself in collectible jewels!

Our vintage accessories and vintage home range includes 40s driving gloves, 50s powder compacts, kitch 60s homewares, 70s aviator sunglasses and a wide range of vintage bags from all eras.

View the full collection here.

New Vintage Clothing and Accessories Collection

Here at The Stellar Boutique we’ve been busy hunting for more vintage goodies to bring you the very best selection of vintage clothing, vintage jewellery, vintage bags, vintage accessories and vintage homewares.

Our vintage boutique offers a unique and diverse collection of select vintage pieces from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
We cherry pick our vintage clothes and vintage accessories with today’s trends in mind and keep our prices as low as possible to ensure the joy of buying vintage is accessible for all!

Our vintage clothing collection includes beautiful 40s & 50s vintage dresses, 60s hippie clothing, 70s vintage kaftans, funky 80s vintage leggings and so much more ensuring all your vintage clothing needs are catered for under one roof.

The vintage jewellery collection is home to a delightful range of pieces from the 1940s right through to the 80s, this charming and quirky selection of vintage jewellery will add a touch of fun or glamour to your favourite look. With 40s and 50s rhinestone brooches, 60s hippie rings, 70s pendants and 80s vintage gems at affordable prices, you don’t have to be Elizabeth Taylor or Kate Moss to adorn yourself in collectible jewels!

Our vintage accessories and vintage home range includes 40s driving gloves, 50s powder compacts, kitch 60s homewares, 70s aviator sunglasses and a wide range of vintage bags from all eras.

The Stellar Boutique has it all so you can add that special vintage touch to any outfit and even dress your home in vintage for the complete retro look.

You can view the full collection here.

That’s so Crystal

In The Summertime When The Weather Is Hot… No, Cold!

As winter is kicking in this year, I find myself missing the cool fabrics of spring and summer. I long for strappy sandals, cold lemonade and and the sound of Jerry Mungo playing in my ear. My awesome friends at have just what I’ve been dreaming of during this cold blustery season!

A little bit about The Stellar Boutique!!! First off, if you are interested in design, their site is totally top notch! They have this funky retro vibe that I absolutely adore! It’s like they took the Retro Camera app on my Droid and turned it into real life! It rocks!!

They have every kind of creation that you could love! They carry furnishings for the home, mensware, vintage and bohemian bags, retro sunglasses… everything! It’s like a mecca or something like that. Honestly, they are like touching the sun kind of cool.

So, a few weeks ago, I got a charming comment on one of my blog posts from them and I was like ‘WOW, a real comment’, lol. Yeah, I’m desperate! Anywho…. I was so excited that I jumped online and went right to their site. I browsed for probably three hours (making a christmas list for my hubby at the same time) and with each new product came a plethora of ohhh’s, ahhh’s and OMG’s!

I contacted the owner and she was nice enough to let me do a small feature on her site! While I had been browsing, all that was running through my head was summer, summer, summer! So, here is my must have look for spring/summer 2011!

Thank you all and thank you StellarBoutique!!

This dress…. I am so insanely in love with! It’s the Dahlia Chambray Bow Dress. I LOVE the pleated waistband and the ruffled front! (So sweet and innocent!) The back of the dress is just too adorable with it’s tied bow! The pinstripe is perfect, not too large nor too small. And, the shape of the dress is sooo flattering! OH, and lets not forget to mention those darling little sleeves…. ah… in love! The dress right now is 30% off making it only $61. A steal, I know!! Honestly, it’s such a great price for a dress that you can wear over and over again!

Words cannot describe just how much I love this bag. Really, it’s like tongue tied, brain dead… I’m so in love. You know the feeling, I’m sure. This vintage 50’s mock croc is just to die for! I could easily imagine using this bag, not only during the spring and summer, but during the winter as well. However, when browsing the site, this bag completely caught my eye for the perfect spring bag. I’m totally gaga for the gold hardware. The two shoulder straps are just the perfect size for holding on your shoulder or carrying it, oh so charmingly, on your arm. Honestly, I would flash this bag around like there was no tomorrow.

There were so many pieces I could have chosen for my dreamy look, but I decided to round it out with a simple pair of shades to complete my simple but totally chic look!

When I saw these my mouth dropped! A million images whipped through my mind like a tornado. I saw glam ads from the 70’s, people on the beach, celebs… everything. Really, my brain was moving so fast I may have went catatonic! JK (not really). Anyway…. the glasses! Nothing completes your spring/summer look without a cool pair of shades to hide your face! These are a vintage 70’s style with gold trim. They have these awesomely huge round lenses, have 100% UV protection (gotta protect your peepers, duckies) and the gold metal sides are so fab! They are a total deal at $25 (honestly, they could probably charge way more).

And, so ends our little summer sojurn during the winter. I hope everyone will check out their site (check regularly too). They carry the coolest brands over the pond and their prices are totally reasonable on any budget! Once again, the site is Happy shopping my loves!