10 reasons to love Rock

A gratuitous celebration of beauty…..

Jim Morrison, The Doors

Caleb Followill, Kings of Leon

Pete Doherty

Simon Neil, Biffy Clyro

Michael Hutchence, INXS

Lenny Kravitz

Jared Leto, 30 seconds to mars
Serge Pizzorno, kasabian

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana
Johnny Depp, 'Kids' & 'P' - a bit of a cheat maybe but who's complaining?! Any excuse hey girls!

New Vintage Jewellery & Accessories Collection

The vintage jewellery collection is home to an assortment of pieces from the 1940s right through to the 80s, this charming and quirky selection of vintage jewellery will add a touch of fun or glamour to your favourite look. With 40s and 50s rhinestone brooches, 60s hippie rings, 70s pendants and 80s vintage gems at affordable prices, you don’t have to be Elizabeth Taylor or Kate Moss to adorn yourself in collectible jewels!

Our vintage accessories and vintage home range includes 40s driving gloves, 50s powder compacts, kitch 60s homewares, 70s aviator sunglasses and a wide range of vintage bags from all eras.

View the full collection here.

New Vintage Clothing and Accessories Collection

Here at The Stellar Boutique we’ve been busy hunting for more vintage goodies to bring you the very best selection of vintage clothing, vintage jewellery, vintage bags, vintage accessories and vintage homewares.

Our vintage boutique offers a unique and diverse collection of select vintage pieces from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
We cherry pick our vintage clothes and vintage accessories with today’s trends in mind and keep our prices as low as possible to ensure the joy of buying vintage is accessible for all!

Our vintage clothing collection includes beautiful 40s & 50s vintage dresses, 60s hippie clothing, 70s vintage kaftans, funky 80s vintage leggings and so much more ensuring all your vintage clothing needs are catered for under one roof.

The vintage jewellery collection is home to a delightful range of pieces from the 1940s right through to the 80s, this charming and quirky selection of vintage jewellery will add a touch of fun or glamour to your favourite look. With 40s and 50s rhinestone brooches, 60s hippie rings, 70s pendants and 80s vintage gems at affordable prices, you don’t have to be Elizabeth Taylor or Kate Moss to adorn yourself in collectible jewels!

Our vintage accessories and vintage home range includes 40s driving gloves, 50s powder compacts, kitch 60s homewares, 70s aviator sunglasses and a wide range of vintage bags from all eras.

The Stellar Boutique has it all so you can add that special vintage touch to any outfit and even dress your home in vintage for the complete retro look.

You can view the full collection here.

New Vintage Clothing Collection

Here is a preview of the latest vintage collection, available from thestellarboutique.com now!



70s Vintage Blouse
40s Vintage Cardigan
40s Vintage Printed Dress
80s Vintage Graphic Print Leggings
70s Vintage Kaftan
60s Vintage Daisy Print Top
80s Vintage Blouse
50s Vintage Polka Dot Dress
80s Vintage Preppy Sweatshirt
80s Vintage Beach Hut T-Shirt
50s Vintage Plaid Dress
40s Vintage Cardigan
80s Vintage Boyfriend Blazer and 80s Vintage Vibrant Floral Print Leggings

You can view the full collection here.

This Little Lady went to London

We Love: The Stellar Boutique

A long long time ago, in a world that seems quite removed from this one, we first mentioned The Stellar Boutique on TLLWTL.

I’m a little bit ashamed to say though that over recent months, this lovely little online store has slipped my mind a little. I’ve been busy. We drifted apart. It wasn’t them…it was me….

Thankfully though, the sun came out (briefly) and forced me to waste an hour browsing for some new wardrobe ideas – and up they popped again – as if by magic! I absolutely adore the collection of one off gems Stella offers us – from jewellery to vintage to the cutest outfits I’ve seen in a while. It’s colourful, lively and retro in a wonderful way. I want the sunshine to hurry up and kiss my face. And I want everything at the Stellar Boutique. Here are some of my favourite pieces right now…

70’s Vintage Silk Blouse – £35

80’s Leggings – £20 | 80’s Boyfriend Blazer – £28

Friss Company Angel Wing Necklace – £21

The Maggie Me Collection – Coming Soon…

Unique Vintage Necklace – £30

That’s so Crystal

In The Summertime When The Weather Is Hot… No, Cold!

As winter is kicking in this year, I find myself missing the cool fabrics of spring and summer. I long for strappy sandals, cold lemonade and and the sound of Jerry Mungo playing in my ear. My awesome friends at https://thestellarboutique.com/ have just what I’ve been dreaming of during this cold blustery season!

A little bit about The Stellar Boutique!!! First off, if you are interested in design, their site is totally top notch! They have this funky retro vibe that I absolutely adore! It’s like they took the Retro Camera app on my Droid and turned it into real life! It rocks!!

They have every kind of creation that you could love! They carry furnishings for the home, mensware, vintage and bohemian bags, retro sunglasses… everything! It’s like a mecca or something like that. Honestly, they are like touching the sun kind of cool.

So, a few weeks ago, I got a charming comment on one of my blog posts from them and I was like ‘WOW, a real comment’, lol. Yeah, I’m desperate! Anywho…. I was so excited that I jumped online and went right to their site. I browsed for probably three hours (making a christmas list for my hubby at the same time) and with each new product came a plethora of ohhh’s, ahhh’s and OMG’s!

I contacted the owner and she was nice enough to let me do a small feature on her site! While I had been browsing, all that was running through my head was summer, summer, summer! So, here is my must have look for spring/summer 2011!

Thank you all and thank you StellarBoutique!!

This dress…. I am so insanely in love with! It’s the Dahlia Chambray Bow Dress. I LOVE the pleated waistband and the ruffled front! (So sweet and innocent!) The back of the dress is just too adorable with it’s tied bow! The pinstripe is perfect, not too large nor too small. And, the shape of the dress is sooo flattering! OH, and lets not forget to mention those darling little sleeves…. ah… in love! The dress right now is 30% off making it only $61. A steal, I know!! Honestly, it’s such a great price for a dress that you can wear over and over again!

Words cannot describe just how much I love this bag. Really, it’s like tongue tied, brain dead… I’m so in love. You know the feeling, I’m sure. This vintage 50’s mock croc is just to die for! I could easily imagine using this bag, not only during the spring and summer, but during the winter as well. However, when browsing the site, this bag completely caught my eye for the perfect spring bag. I’m totally gaga for the gold hardware. The two shoulder straps are just the perfect size for holding on your shoulder or carrying it, oh so charmingly, on your arm. Honestly, I would flash this bag around like there was no tomorrow.

There were so many pieces I could have chosen for my dreamy look, but I decided to round it out with a simple pair of shades to complete my simple but totally chic look!

When I saw these my mouth dropped! A million images whipped through my mind like a tornado. I saw glam ads from the 70’s, people on the beach, celebs… everything. Really, my brain was moving so fast I may have went catatonic! JK (not really). Anyway…. the glasses! Nothing completes your spring/summer look without a cool pair of shades to hide your face! These are a vintage 70’s style with gold trim. They have these awesomely huge round lenses, have 100% UV protection (gotta protect your peepers, duckies) and the gold metal sides are so fab! They are a total deal at $25 (honestly, they could probably charge way more).

And, so ends our little summer sojurn during the winter. I hope everyone will check out their site (check regularly too). They carry the coolest brands over the pond and their prices are totally reasonable on any budget! Once again, the site is https://thestellarboutique.com/. Happy shopping my loves!

Where Did U Get That

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Studs + Fur

Fur Jacket: Topshop. Harem jeans & grey jumper: H&M. Bag: Vintage & DIY studded. Fedora: Trash & Vaudeville. Necklace: The Stellar Boutique. Gloves: Accessorize <— another British born brand opened in New York (union square)


Finding amazing vintage can sometimes seem like a magic trick rather than a skill. While there are plenty of resources out there to help differentiate your retro-inspired item from the real deal, it can all still be rather confusing, if not a little intimidating to shop for vintage clothing.

This is precisely why shopping for vintage online has become so overwhelmingly popular. No need to trek from place to place,you can search for that perfect 1950s prom dress or vintage leather satchel bag from the comfort of your sofa whilst sipping a glass of wine. As there are so many vintage shops online, we’ve scoured the web to help find the best of the best – those with the best stock, the most descriptive measurements, and with the most information on where or when your garment is from.

The Stellar Boutique

Stella McClure started The Stellar Boutique as an outlet to showcase designers and artists from around the world – and what a collection she’s curated. Stella has an impressive list of fashion credentials under her belt, as she’s designed for Topshop as well as styling for the BBC and working for Levi’s, and her shop is fantastic cumulation of all of her experience and expertise.

The Stellar Boutqiue is stocked full of trendy ’70s items, and even items for your home, like this kitschy 1950s cake stand.


The Style Saint

Posted on January 15, 2011 by The Style Saint

Stellar Boutique, Stellar Vintage

I LOVE VINTAGE. I can’t help it. I’ve become a total vintage junky. And why not?! When just about all the shops on the high street could now pass for vintage stores in terms of their designs (not mentioning any names TOPSHOP *ahem*!), then why not buy the real thing? I can’t figure out if shops are deliberately designing their stock to look vintage as it’s become such a desirable aesthetic, or whether fashion has become so ridiculously high speed that new trends reflect trends that have only recently passed, therefore looking vintage. The backlash of seasons that takes place nowadays (one season minimalism, the next glamour and detail, the next minimalism again) is just so fickle. That’s why I think finding your own style, modifying it to stay contemporary but wearing classic pieces is key to looking good. Phew, rant over!

Some people just aren’t a big fan of vintage shopping, largely because of the ‘rummage factor’ involved. I love that aspect, because when you clap your eyes on your dream dress, it feels like fate. You experience a little burst of satisfaction knowing that your destinies have crossed paths to be joined as one forever more. However, for the rushed businesswoman or mother who barely gets ten minutes to herself, it can be a hindrance. There is a solution. Online shopping! So many vintage brands now sell their products online, so if you can grab even fifteen minutes to have a quick search you can unearth some real bargains. No rummaging, just clearly displayed items available for you to zoom over at your own leisure. Marvellous.

One such website , which I think is just a pleasure to shop on, is The Stellar Boutique (thestellarboutique.com). Even though it is more of a general style site than specifically a vintage one, it does have an entire section dedicated to vintage and there are some gorgeous little finds in there! Not to mention the graphics of the Homepage are pretty awesome – a space-themed blast of colour with an urban edge. The site rather wonderfully divides the vintage clothes into decade, so if you’re feeling the 50s vibe more than the 80s you can just skip straight to that section. Most of all I’m loving the brooches – soooo cute! So, even though there is plenty to dig through on their site, here are my favourite brooches. Hopefully they will inspire you to go and take a (rummage-free) peek yourself!1. Vintage Climbing Leopard Bro0che – £15
2. Sardi Vintage Crown Brooche – £29
3. Vintage Salamander Bro0che – £18