Pinch of Sparkle – Vintage BOOM

From second hand tat, to stylish couture- vintage fashion is everywhere. And with the rise in online sales it’s no wonder that online vintage boutiques are doing well. But why NOW has vintage moved online? And will it stay there?

As I browsed the many online vintage sites I came across The Stellar boutique, ( with its easy, accessible layout and models showcasing the products I had finally found the vintage experience I had once been dreading. I scrolled through pictures, decades, starting with the 70s my favourite era! And after half an hour of browsing I noticed my basket had three items in it. Item number one a pair of 70s sunglasses, item number two an Aztec beach bag from the 60s and item number three a 50s compact mirror that gave me a flashback to my childhood. My nana had a mirror exactly like it, which she would use to put her red lipstick on.

I loved this new vintage experience so much I rang my friend Lucy to thank her, the only thing she had to say was “I told you so” and as much as I hated it she was right. Finally, a way for people like me to avoid the musty smell, the vicious blondes and the rails and rails of stale clothing.


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