The spirit of the new Gypsies

When I recently stumbled upon Iain Mckell’s book ‘The New Gypsies’ I was instantly charmed by the whimsical beauty and sense of freedom captured in his photographs. This new culture of free spirited gypsies and their elaborately decorated horse-drawn caravans captured my imagination and I simply had to share these beautiful images with you.

This renegade tribe of new age travellers come from our culture rather than from true gypsy blood, but have chosen to live with the freedom of the open road rather than living within the ideals of our western Capitalist society. Interestingly though, they juxtapose their nomadic, bohemian way of life with certain modern trappings such as mobile phones, internet and facebook!

And of course a post about Iain Mckell’s New Gypsies wouldn’t be complete without including the enchanting photos from V Magazine’s fashion shoot, taken by Mckell with model Kate Moss in 2009. Although she could easily pass as a fellow traveller, don’t be deceived, the styling is actually made up of high-end designer labels including John Galliano, Kenzo and Dsquared²…..a world away from the humble wardrobes of the real gypsies!


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