Finding amazing vintage can sometimes seem like a magic trick rather than a skill. While there are plenty of resources out there to help differentiate your retro-inspired item from the real deal, it can all still be rather confusing, if not a little intimidating to shop for vintage clothing.

This is precisely why shopping for vintage online has become so overwhelmingly popular. No need to trek from place to place,you can search for that perfect 1950s prom dress or vintage leather satchel bag from the comfort of your sofa whilst sipping a glass of wine. As there are so many vintage shops online, we’ve scoured the web to help find the best of the best – those with the best stock, the most descriptive measurements, and with the most information on where or when your garment is from.

The Stellar Boutique

Stella McClure started The Stellar Boutique as an outlet to showcase designers and artists from around the world – and what a collection she’s curated. Stella has an impressive list of fashion credentials under her belt, as she’s designed for Topshop as well as styling for the BBC and working for Levi’s, and her shop is fantastic cumulation of all of her experience and expertise.

The Stellar Boutqiue is stocked full of trendy ’70s items, and even items for your home, like this kitschy 1950s cake stand.


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