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Posted on January 15, 2011 by The Style Saint

Stellar Boutique, Stellar Vintage

I LOVE VINTAGE. I can’t help it. I’ve become a total vintage junky. And why not?! When just about all the shops on the high street could now pass for vintage stores in terms of their designs (not mentioning any names TOPSHOP *ahem*!), then why not buy the real thing? I can’t figure out if shops are deliberately designing their stock to look vintage as it’s become such a desirable aesthetic, or whether fashion has become so ridiculously high speed that new trends reflect trends that have only recently passed, therefore looking vintage. The backlash of seasons that takes place nowadays (one season minimalism, the next glamour and detail, the next minimalism again) is just so fickle. That’s why I think finding your own style, modifying it to stay contemporary but wearing classic pieces is key to looking good. Phew, rant over!

Some people just aren’t a big fan of vintage shopping, largely because of the ‘rummage factor’ involved. I love that aspect, because when you clap your eyes on your dream dress, it feels like fate. You experience a little burst of satisfaction knowing that your destinies have crossed paths to be joined as one forever more. However, for the rushed businesswoman or mother who barely gets ten minutes to herself, it can be a hindrance. There is a solution. Online shopping! So many vintage brands now sell their products online, so if you can grab even fifteen minutes to have a quick search you can unearth some real bargains. No rummaging, just clearly displayed items available for you to zoom over at your own leisure. Marvellous.

One such website , which I think is just a pleasure to shop on, is The Stellar Boutique ( Even though it is more of a general style site than specifically a vintage one, it does have an entire section dedicated to vintage and there are some gorgeous little finds in there! Not to mention the graphics of the Homepage are pretty awesome – a space-themed blast of colour with an urban edge. The site rather wonderfully divides the vintage clothes into decade, so if you’re feeling the 50s vibe more than the 80s you can just skip straight to that section. Most of all I’m loving the brooches – soooo cute! So, even though there is plenty to dig through on their site, here are my favourite brooches. Hopefully they will inspire you to go and take a (rummage-free) peek yourself!1. Vintage Climbing Leopard Bro0che – £15
2. Sardi Vintage Crown Brooche – £29
3. Vintage Salamander Bro0che – £18


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