The Stellar Boutique Launch ..7th July 2009

We would like to invite you into the wonderful world of The Stellar Boutique.

The Stellar Boutique was created out of a love for all things original and unique. This online boutique is bursting full of one-off gems exclusive to the Stellar Boutique.

Created by Stella McClure as an outlet to showcase designers and artists from around

Take a trip through this charming new online fashion, vintage clothing and home wares store and browse through an alluring collection of beautiful things.

the world, she understands the need for originality in our lives and wants to provide her customers with an enjoyable shopping experience where they are not dictated to or told ‘how to dress like a celebrity’ as they are at many other online fashion stores!

The Stellar Boutique offers shoppers the opportunity to follow their own individual sense of style and create a look for their home and wardrobe that is unique to them.

Stella used to sell her hand-picked vintage clothing finds to the glitterati and fash pack of Portobello, and counted Stella McCartney and Kate Moss as regulars who would seek her stall out to get the newest looks styled from one-off vintage pieces. Her discerning eye has now been put to further use with the launch of The Stellar Boutique, and no doubt her old regulars will be waiting with baited breath to be able to get their hands on her hand-picked styles once again, since the closing of her stall a few years ago.

Stella packed up London in 2004 and headed off around Europe and North Africa in her beloved campervan. She settled in Barcelona and briefly flirted with the idea of opening a shop to share her inimitable style with the beautiful people of Barça, but a move to a sprawling farm just outside the city got her thinking along cyber lines. Her friends had spread across the world just as she had – there were cool people looking for stylish things living all over the world and not all in city centres, just like Stella and her hippy-luxe country house. So why not sell her range to the widest number of fans via the internet? What’s more, the bougainvillea-covered house and garden complete with goats, chickens and olive groves would make a stunning backdrop for her fashion-pack friends to come and help her model the range! And so the Stellar Boutique was born.

The range includes ready-to-wear boutique clothing, bags, shoes, boho chic, sunglasses and accessories, as well as a hand-picked vintage clothing range that spans the decades.

Stella makes regular trips to one of her favourite places, Morocco, following the hippy trail to the fabulously exotic city of Marrakech where she works closely with the artisans there to bring you top quality, hand-crafted boho bags, boho belts and boho jewellery, as well as pouffes, rugs, cushions, textiles and other home wares perfect for modern stylish interiors.

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