Gutter magazine loves Friis & Co. ….. Aug 2010

Fashion-forward accessories made in quality materials at an affordable price? Yes, the luxury Danish company Friis & Co makes it all possible.

Classic wardrobe staples like oversized clutch bags are made relevant again when crafted in luxurious leather and sprinkled with studded accents, while strappy sandals with towering heels make a bold statement with tribal embellishments.

Money is no object in this seasons’ collection as prices range from £8 for a colorful chunky link bracelet to just £107 for a pair of studded gladiators heels.

The real stars of their collection however, are their unapologetically sexy snakeskin stilettos and cleverly constructed leopard print handbags which are sure to make even the most modest fashionistas drool.

Friis & Co understand what women want; non-fuss accessories that are incredibly appealing and that come at an equally tempting price. Check out the full collection at The Stellar Boutique.