New Vegan Fashion Week has arrived

Guest post by Hannah Littler Jones

Fashion week has only just begun. New collections and designers bring a breath of fresh air and the buzz of who is where, who wore what and what we need to know leaves us at the edge of our seat, whether that is from the front row of the runway or behind a computer screen.

As we live in a conscious, ever-evolving world, I strongly believe 2019 will be the beginning of new ventures for Fashion Weeks to come, beginning with a new and exciting launch. February 1st brings the first-ever Vegan Fashion Week, hosted in LA, which recently became the biggest city in America to ban the use of fur. This four-day event aims to educate and enlighten fashion lovers from across the globe into making a change about the social, ethical and environmental issues surrounding the use and impact of animals in the fashion industry. Whilst additionally touching on social justice, technology and intersectionality through a series of runway shows, exhibitions, talks and panels.

Founder and animal rights activist, Emmanuelle Rienda commented, “I want to ignite conversations and debates within the industry by educating, elevating and drawing connections between our most important values: our respect for human life, animal rights, and the environment.” For its first-time debuting, the event has already gathered a substantial support system from animal activists group PETA and non-profit organisation Fashion Revolution.

Additionally, Rienda has displayed no signs of slowing down after Vegan Fashion Weeks first debut, instead the organiser will be using this event as a platform to promote these issues to a wider audience whilst encouraging designers from across the vegan spectrum and further to collaborate and interact, whether this is producing fully vegan products or a sustainable clothing line with a result of redefining the concept ‘veganism’.

If you agree that is time to make changes within the fashion industry, there are simple ways to begin. How about checking out our latest sustainable slogan collection ‘Blame it on the moon’ made from organic cotton, eco-friendly fabrics, recycled poly materials and low impact dyes.

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