Menswear Vintage Coats

With no sign of winter letting up, we all need a warm winter jacket to help make those bitter mornings

and blustery nights that little bit more bearable.

The Stellar Boutique‘s new collection of Men’s vintage winter jackets has something for all the fashion
loving guys out there. We’ve got classic vintage US army jackets with quilted lining for extra warmth,
vintage flight jackets, 80s vintage fleece lined denim jackets and a selection of US army jackets from
different eras.

At the Stellar boutique we know that a winter coat can be the most expensive clothing purchase of the

year so you’ll find our vintage jackets at reasonable prices and no doubt they will last as long as one that’s

brand new! So if your looking to wrap up warm till spring, check out the new collection at The Stellar Boutique.


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