The festival season is upon us and with it comes a fresh wave of boho, hippie and grunge-inspired styles and ideas for the summer ahead. As we all know, music festivals aren’t just about the music; fashion and music remain as undeniably entwined as ever. Festivals offer us the freedom to express ourselves, outside of everyday life. Shrouded in that refreshingly infectious  ‘anything goes’ atmosphere, they are a haven for exciting, interesting and daring fashion statements which give the nod to almost every genre out there!

Kicking off 2013’s ‘bigger’ festivals this year; Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, where people from around the world gathered in California to disco in the desert. Aside from pertaining to an excellent musical line-up this year (Blur, The Stone Roses, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Order….. the envy-inducing list goes on), the Coachella Festival has also been highly-esteemed as one of the “most fashionable” music festivals around. So, if like me, you were not lucky enough to attend this year, let us grasp some summer inspiration from the following photos of this year’s festival-goers…..

Bat For Lashes singer, Natasha Khan

UK Model, Agyness Deyn

Canadian-born musician, Grimes

Designer, Amber Kekich Purlin

Lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O

Kate Bosworth, Rita Ora, Katy Perry and Diane Kruger

If these have left you green with envy, don’t worry, not everyone came off so well………Click on the below link to see the hilarious clip of the Coachella fans, so hip they like bands that don’t even exist!!


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