F*** You I do what i want

I had a lot of fun with my latest commissioned jacket! 😜

The brief was simple…

‘A feminist F-you vibe, with stars and some feminist patches’

so with a little discussion the slogan was chosen, the jacket was sourced and I set to work.

All finished and ready for battle ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Personalised custom jackets made to order.

What would you have on yours???
Send me your requests and I’ll get it made 😘

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International Women’s Day and the Feminist Collection

Happy International Women’s Day you gorgeous lot! Today is one of our favourite days of the year, let’s face it… any excuse to shout out to the sisterhood and celebrate the incredible power of the woman is pretty special in our book!

The theme set for this year’s International woman’s day is ‘Balance For Better’, to enhance more gender-balanced opportunities from the media coverage, to employees and the workplace, the government and the fashion industry. Whilst continuing to celebrate the social, cultural and political achievements that have been obtained by women over the years, the day is also grounds for accelerating a gender balanced world

In honour of this badass day, we are releasing some fab new pieces so that you, our customers, can celebrate loud and proud alongside us.

Our new collection of feminist-inspired pieces includes a range of ethically sourced and eco-friendly, organic cotton slogan t-shirts;  ‘A girl should be two things: Who and what she wants’ – the only rules a girl should live by, in the words of the legendary & awesome Coco Chanel and ‘Girl Code’ because behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back! Both in store now and to be worn with lashings of feminine pride.

Keeping it sustainable is our upcycled vintage ‘REBEL GIRL – PUSSY POWER’ customised military shirts, with Rebel Girl in bold on the back and some of our favourite feminist patches on the front, for girls with ethics and attitude.

To celebrate this day and don’t hold back, express yourself with our new sassy and feminist accessories. We’ve got quirky iron-on patches with slogans such as ‘Tough as nails’, ‘Sweet and strong’, ‘Pussypower’ and ‘Rebel Girl’, to pin badges such as ‘Fight like a girl’, ‘Feminist’, ‘Fuck you I do what I want’ and two of our favourite female artist, Frida Kahlo.

We are super proud to be celebrating the 108th International Woman’s Day with all of you beauties and encourage as many of you to join in and spread the sister love!

Enjoy your day babes xx

Lights, camera and canine action

It’s that time again when I turn my house into a photographic studio and every corner becomes a possible fashion set!

So I thought I’d treat you to some behind-the-scenes moments from the weekend’s shoot and an exclusive peek at my new eco T-shirt collection.

as usual no fashion shoot at mine is complete without the help/hinder of my four legged assistants but With Clothes and dogs everywhere, I’m in my absolute element!

Massive thanks to Hannah (@hannahlittler1) for working her magic in front of the camera and being my muse for the day.

‘Blame it on the Moon’ collection of ethical and sustainable fashion slogan t-shirts and sweatshirts will be in store later this week

… just a few thousand pics to go through first!

Shop the collection here

Resistance is Fertile

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”

That strength was out in full force last Saturday as an estimated 4.8 million women from 81 countries around the world marched in solidarity and showed the world the potency of Our plight.

I could only be there in spirit (a real shame considering I do love a good protest, nothing beats the feeling of oneness and comradery when united for a common cause!) but was overwhelmed and utterly elated at the number of sisters and brothers standing together for women’s rights, human rights and equality for everyone. After all, men of quality aren’t afraid of equality (pinched that one from some meritable man’s sign!)

Of course the focus was directed at Donald (the) Trump and his sexist, misogynistic, racist and all round archaic views. Prompting a wonderful mix of witty, political, angry, clever and crude protest signs that encapsulate perfectly the general sentiment from around the world.

Watching the triumphant mass of global protesters was enough to restore anyone’s faith in humanity and makes me proud to be a woman!

Girl Power has evolved!

with a plethora of genius slogans from…
‘Orange Is the New Fascism’ To ‘I Wish My Uterus Shot Bullets So the Government Wouldn’t Regulate It’

here are some of my favourite protesters and their signs….






















100 Years of Support!

This month we celebrate the 100th birthday of the Bra! To commemorate this momentous occasion we’d like to show you the highlights during the life of this most important garment.

It all started in 1913 when Mary Phelps Jacob, a New York City socialite, was granted a patent for inventing the modern bra. She used two handkerchiefs and a pink ribbon to create the “Backless Brassiere”. Amazingly, cup sizes did not exist until the 1920s and its hard to imagine a one size fits all bra but it appears that was the case for about 10 years! The first padded bra came in 1947, created by businessman Frederick Mellinger with the first push-up bra a year later, and wallop the cleavage was born!

In 1968 feminists protest the Miss America pageant, calling bras “instruments of female torture”. Though the protesters intended to burn their bras, they were not able to because of the police. Instead, they ended up throwing them into a garbage can, but the term “bra burners” stuck.

1990 saw Madonna get her cones out in a bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for her Blond Ambition tour and subsequently started the trend of underwear as outerwear that is still going strong today.

In the year 2000 fashion goes too far as Giselle Bunchen goes down the Victoria Secret runway in the most expensive item of underwear ever created, the $15 million ‘Red hot fantasy bra’ made from Thai rubies & diamonds.

So here we are 100 years later, blessed to be able to choose vintage treasures from any era we like or take comfort in the latest designs, may you live another 100 years yet!

Uplift: Cuca Jewellery….Dec. 09

uplift logo

uplift cuca pic

It’s not long ’til Christmas and I’m sure many of you will be busy scribbling your lists for Santa, but don’t put down your pens until you’ve taken a look at these beauties!

I came across this range of jewellery whilst perusing online fashion store The Stellar Boutique and immediately thought of a few feminists I know who would love to find one of these in the toe of their stocking.

The collection is called ‘Icons’ and comes from an independent designer called CUCA. The designer is a Portugese artist, based in Barcelona, who hand makes each piece using ceramic tiles. She then prints on the image, works over it with glitter and seals it before turning it into a ring, pin brooch or necklace.

My favourites have to be the Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn pendants, since they are both wonderfully inspirational women and cultural crushes of mine!

So, if you’re still stuck for what to buy a special someone why not splash out on one of these unique and original pieces? You’ll be supporting an independent creative and showing your appreciation of a strong female cultural icon. What could be better? Well, they’re all on sale now at The Stellar Boutique, so none of them will set you back more than £25! How’s that for a Happy Chrtistmas?!

The Sunday Times: Stella McClure (newspaper article 2004)

The Times Newspaper article

In a world of apparent political and economic instability, a Jennifer Lopez-style image — $10,000 Versace dresses, fake tan and real diamonds — seems not aspirational but irrelevant. So on shoestring budgets, and often with no training, young women are creating their own ad hoc, random subcultures. Don’t like the music that’s on the radio? Start your own band. Don’t like the images being pushed by magazines? Create your own ’zine. Bored with the clothes on the catwalks? Buy second-hand pieces and customise them yourself.

It’s DIY culture writ large, it’s tinged with feminism and it’s fast becoming one of the big cultural forces in Britain.

Also reflecting this aesthetic is Stella McClure, a 26-year-old stallholder at Portobello market in west London. She used to work for Levi’s but found the experience unsatisfying. She now sells customised second-hand clothes and her own handmade range of bags under the slogan “Granny made me do it”.

“When I was at college I did aspire to the whole Prada thing, but now I get much more pleasure from going to a jumble sale and picking something random up for 20p,” she says.

“If you have all the money in the world, of course you can go into Dolce & Gabbana and come out looking great, but that doesn’t take any skill or imagination.”

Her next line of clothes will be a range of T-shirts with political slogans. It includes a picture of the Queen’s face above the slogans “squatter” and ”Head of the British mafia” designs that subconsciously references the Sex Pistols’ infamous “God save the Queen” image.

By Kira Cochrane,  The Times.


See the full article here